Hi — I'm sana rao.

I'm a creator of experiences. I spend a lot of time thinking about the poetics of everday interactions. The human condition and how connections are formed, is at the center of everything I love to do.
Currently I head up the consumer and growth design teams at Deliveroo. Before this I was a Senior Product Designer @twitter. At Twitter I've lead Twitter's Live Video initiative, redesign of Twitter's mobile profiles and designed for international markets.

I currently live in London after long stints in San Francisco, Cupertino, New York, Mumbai, Pune, Goa and Delhi. I speak 7 or so languages in various levels of fluency. I graduated from MFA Interaction Design Program at SVA, New York. During the program I worked as a UX designer at Apple and started and ran my own company Postcard Poets.

Before joining the program i've worked as a senior graphic & exhibition designer as consultant and fellow for companies like d.light, The Government of India, Slideshare, Ideaspice and studied at National Institute of Design, India.

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