Real mail is devoid of all the noise of email. We want to deliver serendipitous poetry to you with the romance of real mail and no disturbance from the internet

Postcard Poets is a live ongoing service created as a culmination of learning from Entrepreneurial Design Course. The service provides a new platform for Poetry enthusiasts to experience their favorite poetry though the undiluted analog medium of postcards. It is also a service for new writers to get published and reach an interested audience.

The customer subscribes to one of the four curators which represent a theme who select and send poetry via post to the customer.

Running the company over a span for many months, we went through several rounds of iteration in terms of the product(postcards) as well as the website, as the customer feedback rolled in. A traction was created quite early on in the process by some heavily followed design bloggers writing about us which led us to gather substantial enough following to constantly gather feedback and iterate on designing the business, service, and the product as a holistic system.

This venture was our first step into entrepreneurship and it opened us up to the many many challenges and satisfactions of running a people/human centered service.

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Done in collaboration with Nikki Sylianteng

For Entrepreneurial Design Course taught by Gary Chou and Christina Cacioppo