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A bit of creativity


I am currently making Found Poems - a project that sends curated poems right to your inbox every couple of weeks. It is a project that is a way to take poetry out of it’s corner. To reveal the poetry in the things we take for granted. To appreciate language. To give language to our shared humanity. To let ourselves feel .

A while ago, I co-founded and ran a company called Postcard Poets which was a subscription service for poetry printed and shipped on postcards. The company got featured in places like SwissMiss, The Daily Candy, Apartment Therapy, Webbys and more.

I have been writing poetry for fifteen years and perform at open mics in London. I recently attended a poetry writing course at Arvon Foundation and am working towards publishing a collection.

When I have the time I also paint flowers, dabble in ceramics, illustration and take photos of doors all the time. I am obsessed with good tea, have a tea library and am always on a quest to try new kinds of teas. 😉

Thank you for taking the time to read so far, I’m always interested in connecting with people about tech, design, community, poetry, books, the idea of home, personality development, late stage capitalism, definition of success, unlearning societal conditioning and so much more.Feel free to reach out!

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